Sunday, January 8, 2012

CONGRATS @anwaribrahim by Omar Ong

An interesting twitter message from Najib's backroom boy. Are we looking at another 'passport delivery-boy' in action, only this time under a different administration with a different Prime Minister? I hope not!

God Bless Malaysia and all those souls that have been fighting day and night to keep the evil out of the house. 


Malek reduan. said...

Salam Bro.

Today court Verdit is good for UMNO and BN.I think today rating for Najib up almost 50%.Good work for agent provocatour.Ha ha ha.

This is pilitic Bro.

man on da streeet said...

Congrats to you , yourself for exposing your true colors. At least the whole of one Malaysia knows who you're with.Its not that hard to expose oneself when you're filled with jubilant and exuberance in your idol's victory, true colors really do shows. Anyway its up to your boss to assess you,but does he really bother? But we the rakyat really do not need another errand boy to deliver the passport. Be nice, be a gentleman, if you are not with the flow , get out with dignity! Be a knight in shining armour , fight outside the kerajaan and prove your worths!