Monday, October 17, 2011

Investigate Lah!

We know HOW, but Who, What, When, Where & Why? 

This is the latest BURNING issue among students and concerned parents in Penang. 

The 16 year old son of a prominent politician, a VVIP so to say, is said to have been sacked from a Chinese secondary school on the island after the boy was found to have fondled a female student in SMJK Heng Ee. 

Pro-Opposition blogs were among the first to pursue this felony following unconfirmed news that the VVIP had paid the more than 200,000 ringgit to the victim's family. Basically the 200,000 ringgit is to SHUT their mouth.

It was claimed that the VVIP had also managed to get a place for his son in another school - Sekolah Menengah St Xavier. 

When the issue became the talk of town, the overzealous pro-Opposition blogs which were all the while insinuating that the VVIP was a Penang Barisan Nasional politician, suddenly stopped even a slight mention of this juicy 'breasts fondling' matter.

Several Penang-based independent bloggers have since picked up the issue following a series of serious allegations that the culprit was actually the son of a Batu Pahat born VVIP (currently on duty on the island of Penang).

These latest allegations have raised a few pertinent questions - 

1 - Did such an act (fondling of a school girl) actually take place in one of the prestigious Chinese schools in Penang?

2 - If indeed there was such an act of gross misconduct bordering criminality in a prestigious school in Penang, did the school authority institute any form of action against the culprit? 

3 - If indeed the school had sacked the boy, as initially claimed by some pro-Opposition blogs,  how did he manage to get into another prestigious Chinese school in Penang?

4 - Is it true that the Batu Pahat-born VVIP father of the boy had paid-off the female student and her family via a third party? 

5 - Is it also true that a prominent businessman had, through the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, contributed a few MILLION RINGGIT to the school in which the alleged 'fondling' took place - this time to shut the school authorities mouth?   

6 - Did the school in which the alleged incident took place, file an official report to the Education Department?

Below is one of the blog posts with some sketchy details and damning allegations. 

Kes ini berlaku sekitar bulan May sebelum cuti sekolah. Dikhabarkan anak VVIP DAP si Marcus@ LWT telah meraba buah dada rakan sekolahnya,keduanya berumur 16 tahun. 

Mangsa melapurkan kepada guru displin dan Marcus di panggil mengadap. Dengan angkuh dan sombongnya dia berkata "apa you boleh buat,I anak CM!" Cerita ini menjadi heboh dan mangsa mengugut untuk membuat laporan polis.

Berlaku campur tangan orang tua marcus ,untuk mengelakkan cerita ini heboh Marcus dibuang sekolah dan ditukarkan dari SMJK Heng Ee ke Sekolah Menengah St Xavier.

Orang tua Marcus bertemu dengan mangsa dan keluarganya untuk menyelesaikan kes dan mahu menutup isu ini dari pengetahuan umum. Dikhabarkan ketika itu jumlah tuntutan mencecah 500ribu,setelah berunding dengan keluarga mangsa jumlah itu dikurangkan kepada RM200 ribu.

Read more:

Also -

AND... The often vociferous Malaysiakini is saying :- Guan Eng mum over blog disparaging VVIP's son

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declined to answer allegations in pro-Umno blogs that a VVIP’s son was involved in a case of outraging the modesty of his female schoolmate.
Lim, who is DAP national secretary-general, has challenged Umno instead to publish the allegations in “their newspapers”.

“Let Umno publish the news first, then you will see what I will do,” said Lim during a press conference in Penang today.
“What happens now is they make allegations, then I reply (baling batu, sembunyi tangan). Why should I reply to them every time?” he asked.
Lim said he has better things to do then to reply to each and every allegation or speculation against him.
Earlier, when contacted, Lim’s wife, Betty Chew, also declined to comment, saying, “Please ask CM about it”.
The Penang media fraternity was abuzz today with  news of a VVIP’s son who has allegedly been caught for alleged sexual harassment of a female schoolmate.
The unsubstantiated allegations are going viral among pro-Umno bloggers, and that the identity of the VVIP has been speculated to be that of Lim.
It was claimed that his 16-year-old son had been recently transferred from a Chinese school, Heng Ee, to the well-known St Xavier’s Institution recently due to alleged disciplinary problems.
However, the school has denied the allegation, saying there was no truth in the rumours.
The issue was first higlighted in a pro-Umno blog where the blogger Dr MiM - who blogs atnovandri.blogspot - said that many had already speculated about the identity of the boy.
He added that pro-opposition bloggers are “biting their fingers” because the VVIP is not from BN but from “their own species”.
“If you are wondering who is this VVIP from Penang - he knows calculation and mathematics that he is able to calculate (set a price) at RM100,000 for each breast groped by his son?” quipped the blogger.

‘Transfer carried out according to procedure’
Meanwhile, a source from Heng Ee school said Lim’s son had indeed been transferred to another school but that the process was carried out according to proper procedure.
He denied allegations that the boy was moved to St Xavier’s Institution due to disciplinary problems, as alleged.
“He was a prefect and has done quite well in the academic field. We did not want him to leave. Even his parents did not want him to leave but he preferred to study in another school,” said the reliable source, who requested anonymity.
The source said he was quite surprised to hear about the allegations in the blog.
The blog has published a photo of the girl, but the source denied that it was the individual allegedly involved.

Attempts by members of the mainstream media to get comments from the school authorities have been futile as the standard answer was - 'No Comments". 

But why 'no comments'? This just adds fuel to the fire.

The school concerned should either deny or confirm this matter since its a very serious issue. (Malaysiakini's self created SOURCES from Komtar doesn't answer any of the questions)

Parents are now worried about the safety of their children, in particular their school going daughters, as schools are said to be covering up serious crimes for the right amount of 'compensation'?

There are no two ways about it. The school authorities must come clean before more serious crimes like rape and murder takes place within the confines of  our schools.

The Education Ministry MUST order an immediate investigations into this latest fondling-scandal involving a VVIP's son in Penang. 

It is the responsibility of the Minister of Education and/or his officers to instruct the state Education Department to furnish a detailed report of this incident as it has clearly tarnished the image of Chinese schools in Penang and those administering them.

p/s Wee Ka Siong, mana lu? 


Anonymous said...


YB Wee Ka Siong should order an investigation. BTW, Lim Guan Eng should explain to all Penangites. CAT right? Walk the talk pls!

Anonymous said...

Nobody seem to care about the girl
Everybody just wants to protect LGE
What about the other girls?
They just transferring this sex predator from one school to another

This is what happens when fathers put their children above justice,
They will teach their children that they are the Special Ones too

Daddy Anak Party

Anonymous said...

For Aminulrasyid you go extra miles but for your own son why are you thinking of stepping to the next stone?

Come on LGE... go and make a police report, make sure that those people who tarnish your son get what they deserved!!!