Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peter John JAMBAN - Part 2

*received this anonymous information about Peter John JAMBAN via email late last night. this informer seems to have further juicy details about our Champion of Human Rights and Dayakism in Sarawak.

Is this the Dayak HERO Sarawak needs? 

Was thinking about countering peter's media statement... 

Yes he worked for Cats on n off .... He was once terminated because of his sexual nuance n pick up lines live on air which disgusted listeners n management ... Not because of allowing listeners talk about CM ... 

Peter Jamban used his radio fame to trick and trap innocent girls around sarawak. 

Have heard Stories from ex 's how He has also beaten up his girlfriends. His girlfriends are not allowed to see anyone. 

Has a court case for beating up a man with wooden stick with a group of people... The man went out on a date with one of his former wife. He regularly boast to about playing around with other people wives because they want it. He also boast about peeping girls in shower n toilets. 

He lets relatives n nieces stay in his house - land n survey housing quarters when they come to look for work in kuch. He talks big about his peeping, video taping n also sleeping with his cousins n nieces. He boast of his 'dick power' but he is a opportunist sexual predator.

He also boast why buy things when u can get it free from people by sweet talking them to giving it to you or by stealing it.. 

Most of the artifacts n art in his illegal pub Ruai was stolen from the sarawak museum store where one his many many many sex wife worked.

When John Jamban worked for land and survey department under the sarawak government ... He was a front man for businessmen to buy cheap land from natives.. 

John Jamban fellow would let this businessmen know about land the govt is planning to develop and buy the land for them and himself...

It is common knowledge that he did that and the land titles are in wife's n children name... He would not divorce his wife for years for fear of losing his properties. Heard stories he is not divorce because of this. 

Lands worth millions by now.

You may check John Jamban's sexual radio behavior with his ex-collegues at the radio station esp the present General Manager who knows him all too well.

If I'm in the radio station, I would do a special programme on this Peter John Jamban guy who have been getting away with a lot of crime. 

He is covering up his crimes by going against the Government on political platform.

**** Heard one of his wives is also on the run from loan sharks from whom the Champion of Dayaks had borrowed a large sum of money. 

**** Heard prominent another licensed money lender in Kuching is on the verge of lodging a police report over the Champion of Dayaks Criminal Breach of Trust over bounced cheques issued as repayment.

**** Heard that this Champion of Dayaks have been borrowed huge sums of money from money lenders and used part of the cash to operate an ILLEGAL MONEY LENDING business targeting the poor Ibans.

**** Heard some of the cash was however used to finance his sexual escapades and now he is in trouble.

**** Heard his role in both RadioFreeSarawak and SarawakReports is purely due to the 'lucrative fees' and not about championing any cause.

Little birds have not stopped chirping though ..... MORE TO COME!  

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