Friday, April 15, 2011

SARAWAK Chinese POISONED by DAP's Chauvinism

The Chinese in Sarawak is not perturbed that they will end up without representation in the Government if the SUPP is wiped out.

They claim they don't need the Government to survive. In fact they had been doing well with or without Government support.

This has insulted the Muslim and non-Muslim Bumiputras who had been supportive of the Government.

To them it reflected the selfishness of the Chinese who only cared about themselves.

They also felt that the Chinese who had benefited most and the richest community under the BN Government are ungrateful and only cared about their race.

The Bumiputras, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, were angered when they heard Violet Yong telling the Chinese that the time has come for them to take over the State Government.

To the Bumiputras, the Chinese has forgotten how they were allowed to prosper and set their business in Sarawak.

The Chinese were the richest and advanced compared with the Bumiputras but they were still greedy.

As if the economic control is not enough, they want to be the ruler of the Bumiputras who had been accommodating them all the years.

The anger is growing among the Bumiputras who are seeing the Chinese blatantly running down the Bumiputras and feeling superior.

To them, if the Chinese doesn't want to be in the Government, the BN should let them be.

If they claim they can be on their own, let them be.

But BN must stop assisting them and ignore them.

Let them wallow in their richest and live among themselves.

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