Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ramli Yusuff - lebih bersih dari kain kapan

Berikut adalah senarai harta dan simpanan yang dimiliki bekas Pegarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersial PDRM Dato Ramli Bin Yusuff. 

Pasti pelbagai persoalan timbul dibenak fikiran kita. Mungkin tidak wajar melemparkan tuduhan namun Dato Ramli Yusuff harus memperjelaskan harta karun ini. Bagaimana ianya diperolehi? 

Mungkin ada harta lain seperti tanah ladang yang belum diistihar. Pastinya Dato Ramli Yusuff adalah seorang individu, penjawat awam dan bekas pegawai tertinggi polis yang sangat berintegriti dan segani. Beliau harus tampil memperjelaskan harta karun ini. 

Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri juga wajib tampil membuat kenyataan membersihkan imej Dato Ramli yang cuba dicemarkan pihak tertentu - sepertimana kenyataan Dato Ramli sendiri. 

Seperkara lagi. Sewajarnya Dato Ramli juga harus memberi salinan sijil pemilikan harta-harta karun beliau kepada YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia jika ada lagi pertemuan di-antara mereka untuk mengeruhkan yang jernih. 


Dokumen diperolehi dari rakan blogger Keadilan Untuk Ram - Justice for Ram

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PEMANDU - Proof of Incompetence (Pics Attached)

#this came thru an 'anonymous' email. 

I agree wholeheartedly with the assessment of this organisation. It is infested with PR/BERSIH supporters and has become an opposition Trojan Horse right in the heart of the PM's dept.

Scores of Pemandu senior staffers are totally unqualified to justify their HUGE salaries and perks. Many are outright incompetent and indeed a threat to our nation's security.

I give you one such glaring example below.

This person, Farah barely made it thru UIA (with a couple of repeats) and was a total washout at Zaid Ibrahim & Co.  After getting laid off from ZICO, she reappeared out of nowhere into a key post in Pemandu. She handles PDRM programmes and KPIs and monitors the police force on behalf of Najib and previously for Hishammuddin H. Onn as well. Hishammuddin thr weakling was in her pocket and she -- in HIS name -- could summon CPOs and OCPDs to her beck and call.

Her partying lifestyle, heavy drinking and expensive trips overseas (disguised as "working visits") are well known in the office, where she is known as the Party Queen of Pemandu.

Her promiscuous liaisons with foreign men makes her vulnerable to undue influence by foreign interests and she could even be blackmailed into divulging national secrets to her foreign seductors.
Farah is a security threat. Her lavish lifestyle, promiscuity and drinking habit makes her TOTALLY UNSUITABLE for her job. How can this drunk slut be advising softy Najib on anything? In the interest of our nation, pls get her and others like her removed from Pemandu. 

Pls see below the lifestyle of Farah , a Najib advisor who will ruin our nation if left unchecked.

Pic 1 - Walking drunk on the backstreets of KL.

Pic 2 - On holiday with  foreign boyfriend.

Pics 3 & 4 - On the lap of a foreign (agent?). She is in Pemandu; ini sudah kena "di Pandu."

Pic 5 - More drinking parties with Singaporeans and other foreigners.

Pic 6 - Her Facebook page. More drunkard fooling around.

Pic 7 - Record of disciplinary action by Bar Council - for numerous unethical public behaviour ...

AND this person right now is in the PM's dept. advising Najib and the cabinet over national security issues. Unbelievable!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Patrick Lim sabotaged BN and Najib?

Did KJ's buddy Patrick Lim sabotage Najib on the eve of polling day? 

Is it true Patrick Lim has been painting a bad picture of the BN Government on the international scene although the Government gives him an annual grant of RM20 million to run the controversial Monsoon Cup? 

The letter below, if its true, is very disturbing. 

Pat Lim with ex-PM Abdullah Badawi's son Kamal


I am a loyal BN supporter from ********* and never been against BN! The
last election although I was angry, frustrated and disappointed, I
still cast my vote to BN.

The main purpose I write this email is that, I do
hope Najib will re-look at what "cronies" that bring bad image to the
government esp BN.

I have worked with this company called Tbest which organised the
Monsoon Cup. 
I love the event as it help promote the country and sailing in Malaysia. 

With the event, a lot of international media and sailors, loved to sail at the Monsoon Cup due the rain and wind blow at 40 knots! It is like driving Formula One car
in the rain at Sepang. That is the thrilled of this event. It is a good products for the people of Terengganu.

However, the disappointment is that the person who runs the company and owned the event, Patrick Lim. 

He has been receiving grants of 20million for the event each year and every year,
he has failed to pay suppliers, sailors on their prize money or simply delayed their payment for years no apparent reason. This has created a bad image and reputation
on Malaysia esp the government!

Why the bad name for the Government of MalaysiB? because every time he terminate, doesn't pay or delayed payment, the reason would be, "the goverment has not release the fund yet".

Don't tell me our goverment is that bad when come to international event? I know the Government have been paying Patrick Lim.

Why is a good event like that is given to people someone who has ZERO interest to help the people to Terengganu or give jobs to people? 

This make a lot of people on the ground very angry with government esp the young urban people whose income has been rely on this event, either it is small or big but during "Monsoon" it created jobs!

This worst scenario was when the company gave notice of termination to the staffs before elections day! 

The goverment has been very supported in funding the projects, why they have to terminate the staffs before elections! He is so insensitive to the political impact. 

In the letter we received, the main reason of termination was, Monsoon Cup has not
been renewed so no fund to pay the staffs! But we Understand it has been renewed by the Govt. WHAT WAS PATRICK LIM's motive then?

Also, if there's really no fund, then why they keep all the Staffs in London ( which he brought the World Match Racing Tour in 2009)? 

I do hope that Najib new goverment will look at this and please don't put KJ as sports minister because this Patrick Lim is his very good friend.

I'm just a concerned citizen who could tell the truth about such human beings who give everybody a bad name after being handsomely paid by the Government. Kesian BN.

Iklim Ganu Kite'

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Global Witness on Taib: Was it really a sting operation?

A recent short film by Global Witness has exposed damaging claims and allegations against Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud. The allegations have been given a wide variety of adjectives but basically it is about Taib's alleged corrupt practices and abuse of power.

The crux or core of the allegation is made by two of Taib's cousins Norlia and Fatimah (daughters of Taib's uncle and former CM & Governor Tun Rahman Yakub). 

Global Witness claimed the short film, professionally produced in English and B.Malaysia, was a result of a sting operation with hidden camera recorded by a Global Witness operative masquerading as a potential foreign investor. The claim certainly gives a sense of excitement and has drawn great interest in the movie made by the Western crusaders against corruption.

But was it really a sting operation? Could it be a well crafted conspiracy against Taib by his own kin who have the coveted Chief Minister's seat at sight? I'm sure those who know what happened during Ming Court 1987 won't be surprised with Norlia & Fatimah's latest tune, would they?

Fatimah & Norlia Tun Abdul Rahman

1987 Ming Court Affair

This political crisis already started brewing when Rahman Ya'kub was the governor of Sarawak. He criticised his nephew in a speech at a ceremony of opening of Bintulu port in 1983.[7] In 1985, Rahman Ya'kub was involved in a bitter dispute with his nephew, Abdul Taib Mahmud over allocation rights. In 1987, Rahman Ya'kub formed a new party named Parti Persatuan Rakyat Malaysia Sarawak (PERMAS) in order to challenge Taib Mahmud at the polls. He also formed an alliance with Sarawak Dayak People's Party (PBDS) in order to unseat Taib Mahmud. In March 1987, 27 of the 48 state assemblymen suddenly directed their support to Rahman Ya'kub while calling Taib Mahmud to resign as a chief minister. Among the defectors were Taib's 4 cabinet ministers and 3 assistant ministers. A war of accusations on timber concessionaires then broke out between Rahman Ya'kub and Taib Mahmud. Taib Mahmud revoked 30 timber licenses held by his defectors and Rahman's clients.[6] Taib then accused Rahman for awarding 1.25 million hectares of logging concessions worth RM 22.5 billion to Rahman himself and his relatives. Rahman Ya'kub, in return, revealed a list of timber concessions covering 1.6 million hectares held by Taib's clients and family.[5] Despite the unsuccessful attempt at the 1987 Sarawak state election, Rahman continued his struggle with his allies, Sarawak Dayak People's Party against Taib's led Sarawak Barisan Nasional until 1991 Sarawak state election when Taib's coalition won an overwhelming majority of 49 out of 56 seats in the state assembly

Another interesting character must be Datuk Justin Jinggut, a former SNAP vice president who is now actively promoting himself to be the PKR supremo in Sarawak. Interestingly Justin Jinggut is Norlia Tun Abdul Rahman's husband. Now, who is Justin Jinggut again? 

"I believe the first double-frogged politician was “born” in Sarawak. It was in Sarawak where this culture of double-frogging began when Ulu Rajang MP Justine Jinggutelected unopposed on a SNAP ticket in the 1982 parliamentary election defected to Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in 1983. In 1986, he contested on a PBDS ticket and won with a big majority. He leap-frogged back to SNAP before 1987. In 1990 he stood again on a SNAP ticket and was soundly defeated by Billy Abit Joo of PBDS." - The Broken Shield


Well the latest attack against Taib with the help of foreign agents could the Rahman family's last attempt at the throne. Actually the attack is not purely against Taib per say but it is aimed at derailing Taib's transition plan and sabotaging his chosen successor, whoever that may be.

Did Taib refuse Rahman's push for his other daughter who is also an MP in the present Government, Norah Tun Rahman, to take the drivers seat?

Was Norlia talking about timber concessions in the seemingly 'spy camera' video recording of Global Witness?

Timber company’s appeal dismissed

by Churchill Edward, Posted on March 6, 2013, Wednesday

PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed an appeal by Keruntum Sdn Bhd against the Kuching High Court’s decision on April 13, 2010 which ruled that the revocation of its timber licence no. T/0279 in August 1988 was done lawfully.

Named as respondents were the Director of Forests, Minister for Resource Planning and the Government of Sarawak.

Court of Appeal judges namely Datuk Ramly Ali, Datuk Wira Mohtaruddin Baki and Datuk David Wong Dak Wah ruled that the High Court had correctly and fairly evaluated all the evidence and upheld its conclusions that the revocation of the licence was valid and that the director of forests and the minister did not abuse their statutory powers in cancelling Keruntum’s licence.

The Appeals Court also ordered Keruntum to pay RM30,000 legal costs to the respondents.

In July 1990, Keruntum filed an action in the Kuching High Court, claiming that the respondents had acted unlawfully and abused their powers in revoking its timber licence which at that time covered the largest forest area of over 188,000 hectares in Ulu Baram. Keruntum claimed over RM100 million in damages against the government for wrongful termination of its licence. The trial of the case, the longest in local legal history, took place over several years.

Four different High Court judges heard the case. Important personalities like former Head of State Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, former assemblyman Salleh Jaffaruddin and one Norlia Abdul Rahman gave evidence on behalf of Keruntum to prove its allegations that the cancellation of the licence was “politically motivated” and carried out in bad faith.

Read more:

So, do you still think it was Global Witness' successful sting operation ?

Ming Court II in the making?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FMT Kabilan's bullshit is fully paid ?

K. Kabilan's article in Free Malaysia Today (BN's Vishwaroopam is getting ugly, 14 Feb 2013) is a cheap shot fired with dummy bullets. It has no impact on its intended target and risks only blowing in his face.

K.Kabilan trying very hard to outdo MalaysiaKini & MalaysianInsider

His childish and immatured arguments only serve to reveal his ignorance. As the saying goes,there's none so blind as they who will not see. It is common knowledge, especially among the Indian community, what the current government has done, and is continuing to do, for them.

Kabilan questions the need to spend money on the PSY concert in Penang recently. It has been clarified, over and over again, that the money did not come from public coffers. Unless he is a shareholder in the company that foot the bill, he has no right to question the expenditure.

Then he questions the need to organise the Unity Pongal which drew 120,000 people to Dataran Merdeka on 2 Feb 2013.  “Hello Kabilan, mana lu sakit?”

Kabilan goes on to drag in other issues, like the death of C.Sugumar and the release of the Tamil movie Vishwaroopam citing both as examples of government lethargy. Come, come, Kabilan, surely you are not so naive not to know that no government can wave a magic wand to resolve such matters. There are procedures and processes to follow, like in any fully-functioning democracy.

If he had wanted expediency, why didn't he complain when the defence lawyers in Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy trial dragged the case on for two years?

BIG question: Is scandal-rid son of Sammy Vellu,  Vellu Pari ditching out RM for FMT writers to provide him the much needed publicity? We know what Vellu Pari did and has been doing. Mah-he-he-kah? Suuu-jaaaa-ta? Oooos-traaa-lia? 

Lets measure the distance from Sentul to Klang during a life & death kind of emergency. After than try drawing a line between the distributors of Kamal Hassan latest movie and Vellu's movie-film-linked company Pyramid Saimira. After that try using your brains and tell the Prime Minister if this Vellu son of Vellu should a MIC candidate. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bank Islam's police report against WAWA

The first step was an internal inquiry, which unearthed WAWA's scandalous relationship with ex-convict Anwar Ibrahim. WAWA has obviously compromised the interest of Bank Islam and committed criminal breach of trust and other related offenses. 
Bank Islam's top leadership have done the right thing by lodging a police report but it certainlt shouldn't stop there. While the police do their job, Bank Islam must pursue this serious criminal case by filing reports to the MCMC and the MACC. 

If you don't know who WAWA is, please go to Rocky'sBRU.