Thursday, February 14, 2013

FMT Kabilan's bullshit is fully paid ?

K. Kabilan's article in Free Malaysia Today (BN's Vishwaroopam is getting ugly, 14 Feb 2013) is a cheap shot fired with dummy bullets. It has no impact on its intended target and risks only blowing in his face.

K.Kabilan trying very hard to outdo MalaysiaKini & MalaysianInsider

His childish and immatured arguments only serve to reveal his ignorance. As the saying goes,there's none so blind as they who will not see. It is common knowledge, especially among the Indian community, what the current government has done, and is continuing to do, for them.

Kabilan questions the need to spend money on the PSY concert in Penang recently. It has been clarified, over and over again, that the money did not come from public coffers. Unless he is a shareholder in the company that foot the bill, he has no right to question the expenditure.

Then he questions the need to organise the Unity Pongal which drew 120,000 people to Dataran Merdeka on 2 Feb 2013.  “Hello Kabilan, mana lu sakit?”

Kabilan goes on to drag in other issues, like the death of C.Sugumar and the release of the Tamil movie Vishwaroopam citing both as examples of government lethargy. Come, come, Kabilan, surely you are not so naive not to know that no government can wave a magic wand to resolve such matters. There are procedures and processes to follow, like in any fully-functioning democracy.

If he had wanted expediency, why didn't he complain when the defence lawyers in Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy trial dragged the case on for two years?

BIG question: Is scandal-rid son of Sammy Vellu,  Vellu Pari ditching out RM for FMT writers to provide him the much needed publicity? We know what Vellu Pari did and has been doing. Mah-he-he-kah? Suuu-jaaaa-ta? Oooos-traaa-lia? 

Lets measure the distance from Sentul to Klang during a life & death kind of emergency. After than try drawing a line between the distributors of Kamal Hassan latest movie and Vellu's movie-film-linked company Pyramid Saimira. After that try using your brains and tell the Prime Minister if this Vellu son of Vellu should a MIC candidate.