Thursday, June 11, 2015



Ini kemewahan yang disaksikan ketika majlis perkahwinan anak seorang Perdana Menteri yang kini bergelumang dengan skandal rasuah, salahgunakuasa serta kebaculan melampaui batas. 

Rakyat Malaysia harus lebih peka tentang wabak merbahaya ini. 

RM adalah singkatan bagi Ringgit Malaysia, Rosak Malaysia serta singkatan nama sejenis wabak yang telah melanda ramai pemimpin negara sehingga mereka menjadi dayus dan tidak bermaya untuk menegakkan kebenaran. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015



It has come to our attention pertaining the sinister creation of a blog also called The BENCHMARK at the URL - portraying a similar template of this blog. 

Due to this obviously desperate attempt by parties who are out to confuse the public on the on going criminal probe against 1MDB we have decided to notify our readers and others who are concerned of this desperate move by certain criminal and:or their hired operatives. 

Until the fraudster behind this latest attempt to hoodwink the public is identified and shamed we wish to notify the decision to change our template for a fresh look. It must be noted that this move would not stop those criminals and their accomplices from attempting other methods of impersonation or misrepresentation. 

We hope our readers are vigilant at all times as attempts to cover up the 1MDB scandal appears to have hit high gear. 

Thank you for your support and be rest assured the criminals won't stop at just duplicating prominent blogs to gain prominence.