Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blackmails and the immunity of the political secretary

After much push and shove from the MACC and those in the know of this diamond profile case, the second guy without a Datukship was charged in court last month. 

A former officer with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry was charged in the Shah Alam Sessions Court today with soliciting bribes for projects under the National Key Result Area NKRA, worth RM18 million four years ago. NTV7 reported.

This high profile corruption and siphoning case was closely linked to NFC scandal tainted Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Jalil and the 1Azam poverty eradication program under the Ministry when she was Minister.

The Datuk who is yet to be charged is Shahrizat's former political secretary. The MACC, The Benchmark was told, had a strong case against both the culprits but only one was charged. 

Why was the Datuk not charged? 

Before the public start pointing fingers at the MACC and aim to tarnish their image once again it would be wise for those who decided against charging the Datuk to speak up. 

Please spell it out if the Datuk enjoys some kind of immunity that we the public are not aware of. 

If there is no immunity, both for the Datuk and his BOSSes, stop interfering in the name of national interest. Dump political blackmails into the bin and charge the culprits.

National interest cannot be about protecting the corrupt. In this case the bloody corrupt who  allegedly siphoned funds meant for the poor. 

We are watching you.  


Anonymous said...

You can try combining cow sense with science to bring out better beef, but when the powerful combine cow sense with politicking poor people become their minced meat

Anonymous said...

The AG's Department and MACC should be sent to Indonesia to learn from the Indonesians how they are tackling Corruption. Over there Big Fish or Small Fish doesn't make a difference. If they are corrupt they are arrested and charged.